Custom Sound Healing Treatments

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  • $125-150 (per person/couples)

  • Contact for group pricing

Appointments are honored and if cancelation is needed, please advise 24 hr notice, otherwise charges apply. Gift certificates available upon request.

A customized and personally tailored Sound Healing treatment is deeply restorative and healing on every level: mind, body and spirit.  Your treatment includes a consultation, gentle yoga and breathing practices, essential oil aromatherapy, hands on healing and intuitive bodywork, guided meditation and relaxation techniques and finally, a Crystal Quartz Singing Bowl placed on the front of the body to feel the ultimate soothing vibration of sound. One is transported to deep states of relaxation, a calming of the nervous system and a remembrance of one’s own vibrational Essence.  

Cristy brings exquisite attention to the client for optimal healing and a truly restful experience.  

Some of the healing aspects of a Custom Sound Healing Treatment include:

  • More Relaxed state of being

  • Less worry and stress

  • Calm nervous system

  • Ability to sleep soundly

  • Profound insights and spiritual experiences

  • Spaciousness in the body

  • Improved respiratory system

  • Improved immune system

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Reduced depression

  • …and much more!

“The singing bowls gave me a sense of space and peace in my body I had never experienced before. I felt a sense of incredible calm, as if things completely expanded …and I went to a deep place of healing. I feel five inches taller!” - H.C.