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Custom Sound Healing Treatments

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  • $125-150 (per person/couples)

  • Contact for group pricing

Appointments are honored and if cancelation is needed, please advise 24 hr notice, otherwise charges apply. Gift certificates available upon request.

A customized and personally tailored Sound Healing treatment is deeply restorative and healing on every level: mind, body and spirit.  Your treatment includes a consultation, gentle yoga and breathing practices, essential oil aromatherapy, hands on healing and intuitive bodywork, guided meditation and relaxation techniques and finally, a Crystal Quartz Singing Bowl placed on the front of the body to feel the ultimate soothing vibration of sound. One is transported to deep states of relaxation, a calming of the nervous system and a remembrance of one’s own vibrational Essence.  

Cristy brings exquisite attention to the client for optimal healing and a truly restful experience.  

Some of the healing aspects of a Custom Sound Healing Treatment include:

  • More Relaxed state of being

  • Less worry and stress

  • Calm nervous system

  • Ability to sleep soundly

  • Profound insights and spiritual experiences

  • Spaciousness in the body

  • Improved respiratory system

  • Improved immune system

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Reduced depression

  • …and much more!

“The singing bowls gave me a sense of space and peace in my body I had never experienced before. I felt a sense of incredible calm, as if things completely expanded …and I went to a deep place of healing. I feel five inches taller!” - H.C.


“Cristy’s hands-on healing is truly exceptional, it feels like her hands never leave the body. She creates a sacred space of seamless healing for me to resonate with my essential self. I never felt rushed or forced; her intention to my care is exquisite.” ~J.C.


Sound Bath Experiences



  • $125-150 (per person/couples)

  • Contact for group pricing

Appointments are honored and if cancelation is needed, please advise 24 hr notice, otherwise charges apply. Gift certificates available upon request.

A Sound Bath Meditation is an unplugged acoustical healing journey that brings your body to a complete state of relaxation. The 432Hz frequency of the Crystal Gemstone Singing Bowls stimulate the Theta Brainwaves that allow your body to activate its own natural healing system. 

The sound vibrations from the singing bowls also balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and both sides of the body on a cellular level. Deeply nourishing and relaxing, the tones are never overpowering or intensified in volume, only ushering oneself into a more expanded field of Healing Sound.

She uses a variety of Alchemy Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls, Tibetan chimes, Harmonium, Arch Angel Koshi Bells, a Crystal Pyramid and her voice.  Cristy also expertly guides you through very easy movements and gentle yoga poses to open the body with the breath, allowing for more receptivity and space.

These instruments will create an experience you will never forget, an experience of peaceful rest and relaxation. Sound Bath Meditations bring harmonic resonance to the body, mind and spirit in a way that is graceful and easy.

Enjoy a sound healing vibrational journey where you will find yourself nurturing your relationship between mind, body and spirit.

All the comforts are provided for your private exclusive session. You may bring your special pillow or blanket, if you prefer. Comfortable clothing is highly recommended.

Cristy works as a Certified Crystal SoundEnergy™ Guide, a Certified Yoga and Wellness Instructor, and an Intuitive Healing Specialist.  She strongly believes in facilitating sound healing with pristine attention and intention, intuition and reverence for the power and depth of Sound.

All sessions are held in her exclusive private studio in Montecito, CA or in the comfort of your home.

Cristy is located in Santa Barbara, and also practices in Los Angeles & New York City, NY.

Some of the healing aspects of a Sound Bath Meditation include: 

  • Releasing Emotional Trauma and Physical Pain

  • Relieving Insomnia

  • Elevating Clarity

  • Relieving Anxiety and Stress

  • Lowering Blood Pressure

  • Releasing Thought Patterns and Habits

  • Expanding Higher Levels of Consciousness

  • Easing ADD/ADHD

  • Reducing Depression

  • Promoting Restful and Deep sleep

  • …and much more!


The sound bath was just amazing. Especially when Cristy sang, I started to cry and felt such an experience of purity and depth. An incredible experience!” - P.O.


Group Yoga & Wellness Sessions



  • $125-150 (per person/couples)

  • Contact for group pricing

Appointments are honored and if cancelation is needed, please advise 24 hr notice, otherwise charges apply. Gift certificates available upon request.

A group yoga and movement practice provides an opportunity to connect in a fun and healthy atmosphere, empowering the group mind to come together in holistic harmony, uniting body, mind, and spirit! Cristy expertly guides the group and caters to every level of practitioner to offer a space for learning, growing and relaxing.  Cristy has taught corporate yoga in New York City for major organizations, group classes of 50+ people of all levels, enthusiastic kids, as well as seniors, yoga with pets, and for African tribes in Swaziland. Movement and Sound are Universal language!

A group yoga and movement session includes guided instruction with proper alignment and sequencing to prevent injury, strength and flexibility training, yoga philosophy that can be applied to every day life, essential oil aromatherapy and guided relaxation meditation.  

A wonderful way to build team morale, offer company retreats and provide a great experience for those celebrating weddings, birthdays and family get-aways. Yoga sessions provided at your preferred location or a local studio, time permitted with all yoga props included.


“I LOVE Cristy’s class because it feels based in spirituality and expression and acceptance of the self. The physical part is an exponent of the spirituality, but it’s never without it.” ~Eddie


 Speaking & Presentations

Educational talks and presentations on the healing effects of sound, including information about brain chemistry, nervous system, frequency and vibration through a hands-on demonstration utilizing Crystal Singing Bowls. Contact Cristy for scheduling and pricing.