Weekly Classes

All classes are located at Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara, CA.


Spiritual warrior

Thursdays at Yoga Soup 12:15-1:15pm (starts Oct. 3, 2019)

A 60 minute, brisk paced Jivamukti strong flow practice. This is a set sequence designed to be invigorating and grounding in a comprehensive format that includes asana, chanting, meditation and relaxation with breath count vinyasa. Because it is a fixed sequence that is always the same, the student has the opportunity to progress to the level of mastery with a consistent sadhana. The Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior sequence is a practice that transforms, energizes and grounds while leading the student inward on an exploration of the deeper spiritual aspects of the self.


Thursdays at Yoga Soup 7:00-8:15pm

This is an all-levels, intelligently sequenced vinyasa class set to a themed playlist.  Each class is a thorough experience of integrating movement, asana, breathwork, music, meditation and yoga philosophy or life lessons that open the mind, body and heart. Class completes with a deep rest of crystal sound bowl vibrations and essential oils.

Heart Beat Flow

Fridays at Yoga Soup, 12:15-1:15pm

All levels vinyasa yoga class that incorporates a slice of cardio (spiritual jumping jacks!) and dance with strength training to upbeat and inspiring music that ends in a restful integration with essential oils.

Self-care sundays

Sundays at Yoga Soup, 5:45-7:00pm

A serene way to wind down the week and reset the body, mind and spirit. Gentle and slow vinyasa practice with restorative asana, essential oils and a deliciously long relaxation practice accompanied by Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls for a healing sound bath meditation. Complimentary eye pillows provided.


Upcoming Workshops

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Stay tuned for upcoming workshops.