Group Yoga & Wellness Sessions



  • $125-150 (per person/couples)

  • Contact for group pricing

Appointments are honored and if cancelation is needed, please advise 24 hr notice, otherwise charges apply. Gift certificates available upon request.

A group yoga and movement practice provides an opportunity to connect in a fun and healthy atmosphere, empowering the group mind to come together in holistic harmony, uniting body, mind, and spirit! Cristy expertly guides the group and caters to every level of practitioner to offer a space for learning, growing and relaxing.  Cristy has taught corporate yoga in New York City for major organizations, group classes of 50+ people of all levels, enthusiastic kids, as well as seniors, yoga with pets, and for African tribes in Swaziland. Movement and Sound are Universal language!

A group yoga and movement session includes guided instruction with proper alignment and sequencing to prevent injury, strength and flexibility training, yoga philosophy that can be applied to every day life, essential oil aromatherapy and guided relaxation meditation.  

A wonderful way to build team morale, offer company retreats and provide a great experience for those celebrating weddings, birthdays and family get-aways. Yoga sessions provided at your preferred location or a local studio, time permitted with all yoga props included.